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Volunteers provide hands on help at CHILDREN 1ST open day

A group of six volunteers from Menzies Distribution will next week take part in an open day showcasing the support services available to young carers in Edinburgh, organised by charity CHILDREN 1ST.
The Midlothian Young Carers Service event, which takes place in Dalkeith on Friday 27th September, is designed to highlight the support available to young people aged between seven and 18 who find themselves caring for a dependent relative at home for any reason, including illness, mental health problems, or addiction to alcohol or drugs. 
The service provides both individual and group activities aimed at helping young carers enjoy their lives to the full. 
Karen Doherty, communications executive at Menzies Distribution, said: "CHILDREN 1ST is our charity of the year and we are committed to supporting their work as much as we can. 
"It is vital we provide financial support by fundraising for the charity, but it is also important to provide volunteers who will work hard to help make events such as this open day a real success. 
"We are looking forward to meeting other volunteers as well as some potential beneficiaries."