Read what our customers have to say

We are committed to providing high levels of service, and our customers are the ones who can attest to the quality of our work. Here you will find testimonials from customers across the different markets we serve.

John Carpenter
Operations Director, SceneSafe

We moved from our previous carriers due to poor service and the transition to Menzies Distribution was handled in a very professional way. We had many project meetings to ensure all parties had a thorough understanding of what we needed to achieve.


As a supplier of forensic consumables, it is imperative our product is delivered in good condition, with no damage due to contamination. With all carriers problems happen, which we all have to accept, but the difference with Menzies Distribution is that they work hard to resolve any issues. They are prepared to hold their hands up and say ‘we are wrong’ if necessary and will then come back with resolutions to the issue. We are regularly running between 98 – 100% which within this industry is very good.

Steve Chamberlain
Transport Co-Ordinator/Health & Safety Officer, Rothenberger

Menzies Distribution have offered a superb service across our network nationwide. I am grateful for their cost effectiveness and time keeping, which in turn has a positive impact on service from us as a supplier. We benefit from monthly performance reports and their account management is second to none!

Matthew Clark
Transport Manager, Asendia

Menzies Distribution has provided excellent transport solutions for Asendia for the past seven years which has enabled us to grow our business.  The support we get from the account managers has been fantastic and we look forward to working with Menzies for many years to come.

Hamel Dabasia
Packaging Express

We have been using Menzies Distribution for nationwide next working day deliveries. Their service goes above and beyond that of normal couriers. They took the time to work with us and understand how we operate to ensure we could work together efficiently. Whenever we have any problems they always listen and ensure it’s resolved as quickly as possible.

Nicola McCann
Customer Care Manager, Ontex

We really value our working relationship with Menzies Distribution. After working together for many years, we are always reassured by their professional attitude and customer-centric approach to go the extra mile. Menzies appreciates the importance of what we do, and the important part they play in getting our products to the end user on time with excellent communication.

Steve Williamson
Operations Director, DS Smith Packaging

The extension of the contract sees a further strengthening and a deeper integration into our logistics and supply chain. The partnership promotes a closer working relationship that is necessary to drive efficiencies and good customer service whilst generating opportunities to improve both companies’ carbon footprint and their impact on the environment.

John Cooper
Head of Supply Chain, Belron

Menzies Distribution shares our uncompromising standards and works around the clock to ensure our technicians have everything they need for the day ahead. We don’t just see them as a supplier, but more as another arm of the business which is helping us to achieve the best results. We initially selected them as our supply chain partner because of the company’s reputation for reliability – and that decision has been completely validated by the fantastic service we receive. We have total confidence that our technicians will have the glass they need, when they need it.

Rick Moglia
Transport Logistics Manager, Unipart Rail

It’s important to have the ‘right fit’ transport provider, and Menzies Distribution Solutions has been just this for the last 20 years. Menzies fully understand the real and perceived needs of our transport requirements, with a strong relationship and a willingness to create innovative transport solutions to satisfy our customers’ evolving needs. They have a good understanding of our industry and adapt dynamically with the changing

Paul Greaves
Logistics Manager, Ultraframe UK Ltd

Menzies Distribution has a wealth of expertise to draw upon within their organisation. Armed with an impressive range of KPIs and measuring techniques, Menzies were able to pinpoint weaknesses that needed to be addressed. Over the course of the contract Menzies have excelled in many areas including driver management, resource planning, cost control and Health and Safety. Customer service has improved beyond all recognition. We are now in a place where we are flexible enough to meet our customers’ changing needs whilst getting the best value for money possible.