Turning supply chains into a strategic advantage

At Menzies Distribution we’ve been delivering across the UK since 1833 – to and from every high street, as well as reaching the areas others can’t. Today, we’re Logistics UK’s most innovative business of the year. With a strong focus on the future, sustainability and innovation – we keep moving forwards.

Looking ahead doesn’t mean disregarding the past. We have nearly two centuries of supply chain experience behind us and we’re building on the expertise and reputation we have from our Newstrade background. By applying our knowledge and capabilities to new markets we’re giving ourselves more opportunities and new challenges.


Always there – day after day

Our time-critical secure network is what makes Menzies Distribution special. Depots and an intelligent hub and spoke system mean we consistently visit every post code, every day – and make light of the most challenging destinations. Wherever you need to be – it’s likely we’re already going.



24/7 365

Over 45,000

locations per day

Over 31 m

items per week

Over 33 m

returns handled

Over 3,000



We know our customers have different objectives, wants and needs. Our smart system gives us room to be adaptable and we’re continually customising and refining our routing and infrastructure to suit them. Mix modal methods with pallets, parcels, cages and tote boxes – all loaded together to save space and time.


The technology that powers the world of logistics is getting smarter, faster and more intuitive. We invest heavily in innovation, drawing on the latest equipment and software that will help both our business and yours to run smoothly.


From applying intelligent routing software and precision route management to seamlessly integrating track and trace functions, efficient pick and pack processes – or implementing an all-encompassing supply chain control tower ­– we know what it takes to deliver the right items in perfect condition, on time every time, 24/7.


Expertise you can rely on

Combining the experience we’ve gathered over generations with the cutting-edge skills of our supply chain specialists, we have the expertise to help you get your products to market, faster. Saving you time and money – while delivering exceptional levels of quality.


The power of partnership

From day one, we’ll work closely with you to develop, trial, refine and implement a supply chain solution that’s built around your business. One that may integrate a number of our capabilities together in one seamless offer. Led by a dedicated account manager, our core team will become an extension of yours – working side by side every step of the way.


We have a UK based customer service centre that handles B2B and B2C enquiries through all channels. Our multi-skilled advisors protect clients’ brands with the highest standards of customer service excellence, using an industry leading technology for voice platform, CRM and workforce management tools.

Interactions a year
Daily support


Moving forward together

Supply chains have never been more important and sustainable supply chains are the difference between just getting through today and making sure we build a better future for us all. Join us and deliver tomorrow today.


What can you make possible?

We want to create teams that can get any job done and done well. If you approach every challenge that you face with the belief that you’ll succeed and if you use every day as an opportunity to improve on the last, then contact us.

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Learning In Logistics

The development of the logistics sector in recent decades, from a traditional transport function to a complex element of the supply chain, has seen specialist training take a variety of forms which have become available to staff of all ages across a huge range of roles. Menzies is proud to provide apprenticeship opportunities in all aspects of its business, from IT to warehousing, transport and fleet, HR and operational management.

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Committed to communities

Our national network gives local businesses the security and stability to build their livelihoods and make a difference in their communities. We believe we have an important role to play within society and we don’t underestimate it.


We’re committed to doing whatever we can to have a positive impact on the communities we serve. We know the consequences of a late delivery on a person’s day or a business’ ability to trade. And we know the power of good communication in building relationships. That’s why we will always deliver – no matter what.


Giving back

Now more than ever, it’s important to help others where you can. Every year, we select five charities that share our values, and are nominated by our very own people. We partner with them for a year – helping with fundraising and raising awareness for these worthy causes.

Charity Partners


As a future-focused business, we’re committed to reducing our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to our planet and the communities in which we work. In 2020, we were awarded most innovative business of the year, won green fleet of the year and were highly commended at the NMA Awards for our innovations in sustainable business practices.

Sustainable Business