9 February 2023

National Apprenticeship Week: Menzies launches learning in logistics campaign

Building & investing in the future workforce of the logistics industry


Menzies Distribution is proud to support National Apprenticeship Week with the launch of an important campaign demonstrating the diverse opportunities for all ages and abilities to train and progress in logistics, both within our own company and across the wider industry.


The development of the logistics sector in recent decades, from a traditional transport function to a complex element of the supply chain, has seen specialist training take a variety of forms which have become available to staff of all ages across a huge range of roles. Menzies is proud to provide training and apprenticeship opportunities in all aspects of its business, from IT to warehousing, transport and fleet, HR and operational management.


Our Learning in Logistics campaign aims to highlight the variety of career paths the industry has to offer. Whether you are a school leaver preparing to take the first steps in your career, or an experienced individual looking for a change in direction or a chance to upskill, the logistics industry has opportunities to offer everyone. The industry offers many different routes for formal vocational training, not only at the beginning of a career but at several stages of a successful journey working in logistics.


During the course of the year, Menzies will illustrate the breadth of apprenticeships and qualifications undertaken by staff members, discussing their different journeys to arrive in the world of logistics and providing insight into choices for young people, career development for longer-serving staff, flexibility and the diverse motivations for choosing these routes.


We will be engaging with all our stakeholders to explain our company’s own role in enhancing the quality and accessibility of learning in logistics, as well as working closely with key industry bodies, our training partners and others committed to delivering training and skills in this sector and the wider economy.


During 2022, our Company was widely recognised by industry bodies, major media outlets and standards organisations for all key elements of its work, including service excellence, safety, storage and distribution standards, and as Covid Hero of the Year.


We look forward to further success in 2023 as Menzies continues to strive to set benchmarks in training for younger people and career development in all areas of its workforce.


Find out more on our learning in logistics campaign page


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