14 June 2024

Menzies Distribution: Improving Road Safety

Innovative driver coaching programme reduces unsafe behaviours by over 80%


Menzies Distribution has designed and implemented an innovative driver coaching programme that successfully brings drivers and managers closer together. This approach reduces the risk of serious collisions through a focus on reducing at risk driving behaviours.


Paul Miller, Group Health and Safety Manager said, “We designed a programme tailored to Menzies’ needs which was simple for operators to implement, with its roots firmly embedded in sound evidence based risk reduction techniques. These included lean behavioural safety, nudge theory, etc. combined with the GROW coaching model, to positive effect.


“At the heart of the programme is engaging in a positive, five-minute coaching conversation with our drivers. The conversation is centred on what motivates each driver to go home safely at the end of their working day, then collectively agreeing focussed, SMART objectives that lead to the creation of purposeful practice on the road. This is complemented by regular reviews to sustain and embed good driving habits which were shown to reduce collisions by over 60% and own damage costs by up to 70%.


In order to optimise its efficacy, any risk reduction strategy has to be simple, relatable and target driven. Many can be cumbersome and overly time consuming, putting in place barriers to their success. Simplifying the system to align with the time sensitive nature of Menzies has been key to achieving success with Paul adding, “As soon as you introduce friction or complexity into a system, it is likely to fail. Within Menzies, a series of structured and targeted conversations that integrates various theories and themes has set us on a path to lasting success as part of our Road to Zero safety strategy.”

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