16 June 2022

Menzies Distribution targets net zero by 2035

Menzies Distribution, the award-winning UK logistics business, has announced plans to become net zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by no later than 2035 – 15 years ahead of the target date set under the Paris Agreement and in UK legislation.


The announcement marks a major milestone in the company’s long-standing commitment to hard-wire sustainable practices into every aspect of its business.


Scope 1 emissions are those produced directly by a business in its operations, such as the emissions from fuel usage in vehicles. Scope 2 are those made indirectly, in Menzies’ case, predominantly the electrical energy used to power offices and depots. In 2021 the business produced 90,459 tonnes of CO2e, with 90% coming from its vehicle fleet operations.


Menzies Distribution’s road to net zero will be founded on validated scientific targets under the international Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi). They will focus on a fleet strategy that delivers and evolves a decarbonisation strategy, minimising emissions through efficiency and optimisation, and maximising the use of clean fuels. The business will also improve resource management and recycling to support the circular economy. The targets, to be in place by the end of this calendar year, will provide a clearly defined path to reduce emissions in line with the Paris Agreement goals.


Menzies Distribution has a long history of action and innovation to minimise its environmental impact, including:


  • a dedicated electric vehicle (EV) fleet for final mile deliveries and the first to introduce EV deliveries to the Scottish Highlands & Islands
  • ensuring 100% of the power used across sites is from clean, renewable sources
  • use of advanced telematics and route-planning to minimise fuel usage, plus innovation in vehicle and trailer design to improve aerodynamics, increasing fuel efficiency by 10-15%
  • pioneering the use of longer semi-trailers (LST) to significantly reduce road miles
  • developing the ability to provide emission figures to support customers in tracking environmental impact
  • establishing one of the largest commercial EV charging infrastructures in the UK with some sites making charge points accessible to all
  • developing vehicle-to-grid technology so that spare charge can be returned to the National Grid when electricity demand is high
  • major investments in the adoption of Euro 6 standard vehicles and the introduction of recyclable and non-PVC livery
  • scoping of trials of alternative fuels including HVO


Greg Michael, Chief Executive Officer of Menzies, said:


“This is an important day for our company. We recognise the scale of the challenge, particularly given the nature of our business, but we also know it is the right thing to do for our own future, as well as for our customers, our people and the country as a whole. Success will not only depend on our own actions, but also on the development of new technologies and a partnership between the private sector and government. While there will be significant hurdles to overcome, we are determined to play our part in building the sustainable supply chains of the future.”

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