8 March 2022

International Women’s Day: Menzies launches women in logistics campaign

Celebrating and accelerating the role of women in our company and industry


Menzies Distribution is proud to support International Women’s Day with the launch of an important campaign demonstrating the diverse roles held by women in logistics, both within our own company and in the broader industry.


Historically perceived to be male dominated, in recent decades the transport, supply chain and logistics sectors have seen women advance steadily in their careers and succeed at the top of their organisations. Menzies provides equal opportunities for women in all aspects of its business, from driving to finance, IT, warehousing, transport and fleet, HR and operational management. Our goal in launching the ‘Women in Logistics’ campaign in 2022 is to showcase the many opportunities offered by our industry and to support both women and men with guidance, leadership and resources to pursue a successful career within the logistics industry.


During the course of the year, Menzies will be sharing case studies to illustrate the huge variety of work undertaken by women in the company, discussing their different journeys to arrive in the world of logistics and providing insight into recruitment, training, flexibility, career progression and the diverse motivations for women choosing this route. We will be engaging with all our stakeholders to explain our company’s own role in accelerating the recruitment, retention and advancement of women in logistics, as well as working closely with key industry bodies, and others committed to delivering change for women in this sector and the wider economy.


Menzies’ Women in Logistics Campaign is a critical diversity initiative that stands alongside our mission for continuous improvement, best in class service and a commitment to shaping the future of socially responsible and environmentally sustainable supply chains. During 2021, our Company was widely recognised by industry bodies, major media outlets and standards organisations for all key elements of its work, including Van Operator of the Year and Best Pandemic Response.


We look forward to further success in 2022 as Menzies continues to strive to set benchmarks in diversity and other aspects of its workforce.


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