29 April 2020

Innovation and partnership drives our support for NHS Scotland.

Menzies Distribution have been working closely with label solutions partner, Metafour, to support emergency deliveries of PPE for the NHS in Scotland.


Menzies Distribution had been tasked with the delivery of 5.4 million items (34,000 individual boxes) of critical PPE, consisting of; aprons, gloves and masks to 1094 care homes across Scotland, stretching from the Borders up to the Highlands & Islands.


We had to implement our new care homes operation within a tight timescale, furthermore, it required a reactive pick/pack at unit level to get the right kit to the right places.


As a company, Metafour are at the forefront of the courier software industry, and together with Menzies we have brought online an innovative adaptation to our labelling solution that sees the PPE pick details added to the bottom-right of the label for NHS parcels (you can see on the demo pictured below). This adaptation means we can deploy operations and supplies at speed – an absolutely critical enabler to get the supplies, to the right place, as soon as possible after they enter the UK.

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