11 November 2020

Ensuring Business Continuity: National Lockdowns

The health and safety of our employees, customers and communities is our number one priority. Menzies Distribution continues to monitor the Covid-19 situation closely and update guidance to our employees based on World Health Organisation, UK Government and Regional Government advice.


Menzies Distribution has been designated Key Worker status during the pandemic because it plays a key role in the UK’s critical logistics network.


Every day, our teams deliver vital supplies to healthcare providers, including the NHS and care homes, and replenish stocks in retailers and newsagents as well as making deliveries to homes across the UK.


Our employees continue to work around the clock to maintain this vital service and we are incredibly proud of all their efforts during these unprecedented times.


To protect our employees and customers we have adapted our operations, in line with Government advice, introducing social distancing measures, PPE and implementing new ways of working. These include;

  • Provision of face coverings
  • Social distancing measures across all sites and depots
  • Hand sanitiser placed in all depots and individual bottles provided for drivers
  • Social distancing advice and training for staff making deliveries to business premises and to private homes
  • PPE provided to all employees
  • Ongoing cleaning and disinfecting of sites, vehicles and equipment between shifts
  • Regular internal communications with employees regarding business news, activity, health and safety measures, support and appraisal from clients
  • Protective barriers implemented in areas where social distancing is more difficult
  • Regular communications with customers to inform them of any changes to service and safety measures in place.


In light of the recent Government guidance indicating a second national lockdown, we will continue to rise to the challenge. As the situation evolves and we return to the regionalised tiered structures and subsequent localised lockdowns implemented by the Government, we will continue to adapt and support our customers as we have done thus far during the pandemic.


We continue to monitor and update our response, in line with Government advice, to ensure we do everything we can to help keep our employees, customers and communities stay safe.

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