10 April 2020

Easter gestures and gratitude from Menzies Distribution and our partners

Following on from our efforts in conjunction with Flying Tiger, which saw us deliver Easter themed gift packs to the NHS frontline. We have continued to use our partnerships to share joy during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Working with WHSmith, we delivered both safely and with great pleasure three pallets of Easter eggs for the NHS staff at the Great Western Hospital, Swindon. The volunteers were very thankful and stated their frontline colleagues would take great pleasure in receiving them.


In addition to this, our Staff from our Belfast depot also donated over 50 Easter eggs to the local charity ‘Homeless Aware’ which have been distributed to homeless people across the city who are in temporary hostel accommodation.


The project was in partnership with Belfast City Council and the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) who support various initiatives to support the homeless. The organisations were very thankful for the continued generosity of Menzies Distribution.


We are proud to work together to make a gesture of support and thanks to our key workers on the front line seeing us through the coronavirus pandemic.

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