17 November 2023

Catching the sun on the run – Menzies trials solar power source for vehicles

As part of our continuous programme to reduce our carbon emissions Menzies Distribution has teamed up with TRAILAR to pilot the use of solar technology on its vehicles. TRAILAR are global leaders in solar transport solutions, committed to more sustainable transport and achieving zero emissions sooner through the integration of solar and data driven technology.


Thin solar panels will be fitted to the roofs of selected Menzies vehicles. Only 3 mm thick, the panels will provide clean energy for electrical components, including tail-lifts, lights and radio. Traditionally a vehicle creates electrical energy via its on-board alternator and the burning of fuel. Energy supplied via the solar panels and used by the vehicle will reduce fuel consumption and associated emissions. Sensors will monitor the vehicles’ electrical characteristics, calculating the energy and carbon savings delivered.


Adam Purshall, Fleet & Procurement Director at Menzies said:


“We’re always on the lookout for new ways to reduce emissions and improve efficiency, across every aspect of our business, so we’re delighted to be trialling this technology and look forward to seeing the results. Menzies plans to become net zero for Scope 1 and 2 emissions by no later than 2035 and this development follows innovations including recyclable livery, the recycling of trailer curtains and pioneering the use of longer semi-trailers along with lifting roof trailers and upcoming trials of alternative fuels.”



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