Marketing & Media

Bespoke services for the travel industry, education sector, media and more. Supporting with direct mail, printed communications, email marketing and hand to hand distribution.


Data is king of your communications campaign. Without it, even the best mailing in the world won’t work. That’s why, we invest heavily in our travel & education Databases, to make it work for you.

Our travel Industry database enables you to support and communicate with travel agents whether they are in shops, offices, call centres or working from home. Target by retail travel agents and home workers by ABTA, IATA, multiples, miniples and consortia. Also available to target is the UK Tourist Information Centres nationally of which we have 1200+, regionally or by County, plus the UK national B&B/Guesthouse, Airbnb, small accommodation network of outlets of which there are thousands and they too can be broken down to meet more regional needs across England, Scotland and Wales and the Counties within these regions. Updated daily, it is both comprehensive and accurate, providing a solid foundation for all your retailer support programmes.


Our education Database is a comprehensive and sophisticated database of UK schools, colleges, universities, and other educational establishments. Target teachers by name and segment schools by size, location, finances, performance, specialisms and much more. It provides enhanced targeting capability to minimise wastage and maximise your ROI.

We can refresh and revive it or work with you to organise your data into a structured database to be able to extract meaningful information and realise the potential in your data. Our data and insights team specialise in combining travel & education industry knowledge and experience with the latest in data validation, integration, and analysis techniques. Our data cleansing and Enhancement is supported by Experian, the leading global information services company. This allows us to update your data by utilising lists from a wide spectrum of sources.
Our years of working with trusted data suppliers mean we can usually source the lists you are looking for.

Direct Mail

We have the experience, resources and industry knowledge to produce, monitor and deliver complete marketing campaigns and handle your direct mail campaign easily and efficiently.


Direct Mail is still a strong way of communicating your message, even more so when taking a multi-channel approach by integrating with digital channels. By using Direct Mail your business can produce a marketing campaign that is cost effective and delivers a very strong return on investment.


  • Print, personalisation and distribution
  • Integrated digital channels
  • Work with B2C and B2B organisations
  • Lead generation
  • Direct Mail Association (DMA) accreditation


Hand Enclosed packs Per Day
Polywrapped Packs Per Day
Envelopes Enclosed Per Day
A4/A3 Letters Printed Per Day

The bespoke approach

We can make your Direct Mailings stand out from the crowd!


Travel agents, home workers, teachers and home addresses all want to receive brochures, product updates, newsletters, and special offers. Tangible Direct Mail still gains the best results. We offer extensive expertise and advice to ensure you get the most from your mailings and will ensure this information is mailed to them at the right time.


We can help manage your mailing campaign from start to finish, starting with using our up-to-date industry data or your own data.


Our mailing facilities can manage all elements of your mailing campaign from print production, personalisation, enclosing and postage.


We can handle print and mailings of all sizes, from 100 to 5 million items, and we can even source packaging for all your mailing needs.

  • Dedicated account manager – to oversee your campaign from start to finish.
  • Utilise expert advice – from the best type of outer (e.g., polywrap or envelope) to the most cost-effective mailing solution (e.g., Royal Mail or DSA).
  • Highly targeted – our education, travel and tourism databases targets the right people every time.
  • Target multiple sectors – we can use your database or source data for you if you want to target outside the education sector.
  • Build on existing relationships through regular communications.
  • Create brand awareness and gain new customers.
  • Extensive mailing facility in Ashford, Kent, we also work with trusted partners to fulfil all needs.
  • Mailings are handled with care and finished to a high standard.
  • Trusted partner of the Royal Mail
  • Save money – we get the best postage prices from our providers and are able pass the saving on to you!


We can print anything from a letter or a flyer to a booklet or brochure. We have the industry knowledge and expertise in both digital and litho printing, to meet your printing needs.


With over 40 years of experience in printing, we can help you to deliver your message, products or printed materials in a cost-efficient way using our vast resources and wide range of services. Whether you would like large batches or small one-off printing jobs we’re happy to help.


Connecting you with the right contacts.


We believe a multi-channel approach to marketing is a must. By integrating our Email Marketing service into your marketing mix, we can help you to produce a campaign that is cost-effective and delivers a very strong return on investment.


It’s all about getting those emails into the right inboxes. We can do that for you. Whether you’re looking for trade travel emails, generic school emails, targeted direct to named contact/teacher email addresses or a campaign to your data, you can be certain that we can help.


Marketing service to increase brand awareness, promote your special offers and sales, encourage traffic to your website and introduce new products and brochures. Our email database is regularly updated and can be broken down by region or in many other ways.


Our services have been designed to meet the needs of those wanting to market to the education sector.


Comprehensive data, with named contacts and information regarding the schools, size, location, funding, and performance.


Full print & mail services with keen postage rates.


Targeted email campaigns that go direct to staff and bypassing the admin staff.


Offering cost effective solutions to help you reach the right contacts to boost brand awareness, enquiries, and sales.


Our Education Database is a comprehensive and sophisticated database of UK schools, colleges, universities and other educational establishments. It provides enhanced targeting capability to minimise wastage and maximise your ROI.

  • Our database of over 495,000 records, is updated and cleaned continuously by our dedicated team of researchers
  • We provide the data you need, when you need it. We listen to you about who buys your products and services and who you need to reach
  • Data can be purchased for either single or multi-use and can be provided in most common formats (e.g. CSV, Excel, self-adhesive labels or pre-printed envelopes)
  • The Education Database is the only database that can be broken down into 100s of specific profiled segments to enable you to refine and target your campaign
  • Our Data Cleansing and Enhancement service is supported by Experian, the leading global information services company. This allows us to update your data by utilising lists from a wide spectrum of sources

National Tourism Database

Our National Tourism Database is a great way to capitalise on communications with high advocacy channels that reach domestic, staycation and international travellers

  • Expert advice on campaign design and structure
  • Industry-leading broadcast system
  • Real-time reports
  • Spam checker – we use software that can check the spam score of any emails that we send. So, we can set up, send, and monitor your campaigns to ensure that you get the best responses to your email campaigns
  • Campaigns can be automated to ‘react’ to specific customer actions
  • Data Capture – we’ll capture data for you – we will monitor responses to your emails and then process the data to inform your future communications
  • You can segment our data by location, down to postcode, region, counties, towns or again a radius. 


Mail with others, share the mailing, share the costs.

Mailbag is our fortnightly shared mailing to all ABTA, Global Travel Group and Travel Trust Association agents and hard to reach home workers. The travel industry’s favourite shared mailing offers comprehensive coverage and is ideal for sending all kinds of sales information, file copy brochures, late availability posters, brand reminders and product updates.


  • Over 40% of agents share Mailbag with more than three colleagues, that’s four people in an agency!
  • 86% of agents want the file copies in Mailbag
  • Ideal for sending sales and product information, file copy brochures, late availability etc.
  • Printed on-site to save valuable time

School Mailbag, making it economical to communicate regularly with schools. You can actively promote your products and services by sending a tangible flyer into schools whilst saving up to 80% on your postage costs!


  • Increase your brand awareness.
  • Regular shared mailing to all UK secondary and primary schools.
  • Deliveries throughout academic year, timed around key school calendar dates.
  • Highly targeted – our Education Database targets relevant contacts each and every time
  • Cost effective mailing – Sharing the costs allows for your printed material to reach schools for less!
  • This product can also be incorporated into the tourism channel with Take One Media targeting families for Day visits, weekends and school holiday ideas, giving inspiration for things to see and do.


From our warehouse to your customer. We offer a consumer brochure service collecting client data delivered via web, phone, mail, text, and daily data files into our dedicated Response Centre which can also receive enquiries forwarded from your Call Centre.


Our pick and pack distribution centre are equipped to process your customers’ requests.


  • Fulfilment of orders on the same working day
  • Brochure orders accompanied by personalised letters, laser or digitally printed on your behalf
  • Data capture & output file uploaded ready for your CRM system
  • Advice on the most cost-effective mail options including preferred DSA (Down Stream Access) providers


Not only can we handle daily or weekly fulfilment, if you are looking to send things a little out of the ordinary, we can help. Whether its hampers, kits, or special gifts, we can accommodate all.

ISO 9001 accreditation

Registration to ISO 9001 provides objective proof that we have implemented an effective quality management system, and that it satisfies all of the requirements of the standard.


Our success in the accreditation of ISO 9001 is a direct reflection on the commitment we show to deliver the highest possible service levels to our clients, prospective clients, suppliers and anyone we may work with. We will endeavor to continually develop and improve upon the current accreditation whilst always maintain these high standards quality service levels.


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