We have and continue to invest in providing all the necessary Health & Safety measures across our business so we can protect each other and help prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Keeping the supply chain moving

The very nature of our work in supply chain logistics means we come into contact with a high volume of items and people every day. And as the pandemic has proven, supply chains are crucial to every aspect of today’s society. Working from home was never an option. Shutting down was out of the question. So we overhauled our ways of working overnight, for the safety of our people and our customers.


In doing so, we’ve been able to deliver critical PPE and life-saving medical supplies to NHS Scotland services across the country. To further our support, we’ve joined forces with the leading players in the UK’s parcel industry to collectively manage the nationwide collection and delivery of Covid-19 testing kits direct to laboratories. We’ve collected and delivered 150,832 testing kits since they became available (correct up to Nov 2020), with 18 depots supporting communities across the UK. We’ll continue to do so as long as it’s needed.


  • Guided by official advice – Regular changes made based on advice from WHO, UK Government and regional governments


  • PPE supplies – Stocked up and readily available for our people across the business


  • Safer working – Protective screens and demarcation to make sure people flow safely around the sites


  • Regimented sanitising programme – Of high-touch areas including drivers’ cabs, door handles, packing tables, computers etc


  • Enhanced cleaning regime – Including electricals and equipment




  • Decontamination stations – Equipped with sanitiser, wipes and instructions, in every workplace


  • Wellbeing check-ins – Regular conference calls chaired by Health & Safety and HR


  • Support through sickness – New policies and procedures put in place for high-risk individuals or anyone who contracts the virus.


  • An agile approach – Continual assessment by the leadership team with regular updates


  • Facilitating the Nation’s testing – We’ve partnered with other leading logistics businesses to deliver 350,000 Covid-19 tests to labs for testing every day

Covid-19 Risk Assessment

The UK Government has released further guidance for UK businesses and it is now a requirement to publicly display our company’s Covid-19 Risk Assessment


Click here to download and view our Covid-19 Risk Assessment