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Newspaper and magazine deliveries still on time as Paralympics take place

Wholesaler Menzies Distribution’s decision to stick to contingency plans made for the Olympics throughout the Paralympics means newspapers and magazines have been on sale on time in London, despite road restrictions and extra traffic.

Despite the re-introduction of dedicated Games Lanes and more congestion on the roads due to people returning to work after the summer break, independent shops and retail chains located close to Games venues have had usual stock levels ready to be sold in the morning.

Grant Keogh, Menzies Distribution Centre Manager at the South East London Branch in Greenwich, said: “We are grateful to our publishers for keeping early deadlines during the Paralympics, which means we can be out on the roads 90 minutes earlier than usual.

“For a time critical delivery service like ours it is vital that we continue to get products to customers on time, no matter what is going on nearby.

“Our planning, introduction of extra vehicles, extra staff and security paid off for the Olympics and we are pleased it is having the same effect for the Paralympics, which is sold out for the first time in its history.