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Menzies Distribution are pleased to review the charitable work we’ve been doing over 2019

With Christmas festivities in full flow and in the midst of the season of giving, we at Menzies Distribution are pleased to review the charitable work we’ve been doing over 2019. Our network connects communities throughout the United Kingdom, and we are proud to support all the communities that we deliver to in any way that we can. In 2019 we embarked upon a number of projects that utilise our distribution network to the benefit of several excellent initiatives that support communities across the UK.  Below is a snapshot of our most recent initiatives.

Partnering with NHS Scotland to reduce waste, save fuel and raise awareness

During Waste Reduction Week in December 2019, Menzies Distribution partnered with NHS Scotland to collect over 36 bags, containing 200 items from the NHS NDC. The bags were then delivered to two Larkhall charity shops, helping charity, reducing mileage, saving fuel and reducing the amount of items going to landfill. 

Working with Citizens Advice

Recent polling by Citizens Advice found 66% of disabled people in the UK have experienced problems with their parcel deliveries in the past 12 months, compared with 56% of people without a disability. This crisis of access for disabled people in the UK is something which prompted us to bring in new methods to enable individuals to make our drivers aware of their needs and how we can provide a more convenient delivery service.

We are proud to be acknowledged by the Citizens Advice Bureau as one of five companies to have actively responded to this crisis and committed to allowing disabled people to specify their explicit accessibility needs to the driver making the delivery. This includes allowing more time when delivering and leaving parcels in accessible locations that are easy to reach.

Press Pass Deliveries

Literacy of the news media is crucial to how we run our society.  Supported by the Department of Education, the Press Pass initiative seeks to improve news literacy and critical thinking skills, whilst helping students to develop an understanding of news media and how it communicates about the world around them.

On Monday 4th November, wholly owned Menzies Distribution subsidiary, EM News, delivered newspapers to 136 schools across Ireland. In conjunction with Newsbrands, over 400 copies of The Irish Daily Mail, The Sun, The Sun on Sunday and The Sunday Times were delivered to schools, providing students with an opportunity to read current journalism and improve their own writing techniques.