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Loyalty reward for record number of colleagues who have clocked up 25 years’ service

A record 41 employees have this year marked 25 years’ service at Menzies Distribution.

As a result of their impressive achievement, each member of the group known as the ‘25 Club’, has earned a personalised Long Service Certificate and a commemorative watch as well an an invitation to one of four celebration lunches in Edinburgh, Leeds, London and Swansea, taking place in October and November. 
The most recent members of the 25 club are: Allan Anderson, Newbridge; David Baines, Preston; Robert Brown, Linwood; Maggie Bell, Edinburgh; Thomas Bowman, Belfast; Colin Brooks, Maidstone; Bryden Burnett, Aberdeen; Kevin Beaumont, Hull; Paul Campbell, Londonderry; Kevin Coyle, Londonderry; Jane Clinton, Stockton; Derek Ford, Portsmouth; Bruce Fraser, Aberdeen; John Gibbon, Maidstone; Dougie Halliday, Edinburgh; Keith Harper, Eastbourne; Barry Harvey, Ireland; Paul Jones, Swansea; Michael Kent, Chelmsford; Paul Lambert, York; Michael Llewelyn, Leeds; David Johnson, Swansea; Christine Judge, Portsmouth; Donald MacKenzie, Linwood; Gordon McCutcheon, Edinburgh; David Marriner, Edinburgh; Ioan Moon, Bow; Stewart Muircroft, Linwood; Michael O’Neill, Queenslie; Damian Parton, Yorkshire; Derek Pierce, Chester; Nicola Price, Swansea; Robert Rees, Swansea; Paul Rogers, Norwich; Frank Sheldon, Swansea; Neil Stephenson, Scunthorpe; Michelle Tennent, Edinburgh; Robert Turk, London; Catherine Ward, Sheffield; Mark Wilkinson, Newbridge; Perry Winter, Portsmouth.
Managing Director David McIntosh said: “Not every company can claim to have the committed and loyal workforce that we have. My personal thanks and congratulations go to all colleagues celebrating their 25 year milestone in 2013.”