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Love her or hate her, Baroness Thatcher gives a boost to the UK newspaper industry

One of the UK’s biggest newspaper wholesalers, Menzies Distribution, is reporting a strong increase in sales across the UK following the death of Baroness Thatcher, with sales of national newspapers increasing by 164,000 copies the day after she died. 

The highest week-on-week sales rise in terms of region for Menzies Distribution customers has been in London with an 11 per cent increase, followed by Northern Ireland at 6.39 per cent, 2.6 per cent in Scotland, 2.37 per cent in the south of England and 1.92 per cent north in England. 
For newspaper titles, The Sun recorded the highest increase in the number of copies sold, followed by the Times and the Daily Mail. 
The highest percentage increases were in the broadsheet market with sales of the Guardian rising by 30 per cent compared to the previous week, and the Independent rising by 27 per cent. 
Menzies Distribution, which delivers an average of five million newspapers every day to 29,000 independent newsagents and retail chains across the UK, is now busy planning to ensure supply meets demand next week following Lady Thatcher’s funeral. 
Managing Director David McIntosh said: “Margaret Thatcher proved a divisive figure in life and death, but 
one thing that has united the UK this week is our collective appetite to read news and opinions in daily 
newspapers – both tabloid and broadsheet. 
“We are used to seeing spikes in sales after big news events or on royal occasions. There hasn’t been an increase in sales of this magnitude since the last Royal Wedding.” 
He added: “Our team is carefully monitoring sales figures across the country and working hard to ensure supplies meet public demand both this weekend, when a number of commemorative issues are planned, and next week after the funeral when more special editions will appear.”