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Golden achievement for Linwood employee

A devoted Menzies Distribution employee has been commended by bosses after completing 50 years’ service for the company.

Jim Fish began packing newspapers for Menzies Distribution in Paisley at the age of 15, just three weeks after leaving school, and is believed to be the first person to have ever worked for the company for five decades.

Now he’s a grandfather, Jim is retiring from full-time work, but will continue to work at the branch part-time as an early morning supervisor.

Jim said: “When I started, all our work was done manually and everything was recorded with pen and paper. Today, we still carry many of the publications we did in 1962 and deadlines are just as tight, but now we have state-of-the-art technology and record everything electronically which makes everything more efficient.

“When the technology was introduced it was quite revolutionary but now Menzies Distribution is known for it, and it’s become second nature.”

Jim added: “I’ve always enjoyed my job but working part-time will mean I get an extra three days off each week to see my family which I look forward to. I also plan to start gardening and going out walking again - enjoying the simple pleasures in life.”

To thank Jim for his dedication, Menzies Distribution’s Linwood Branch Manager, Melvyn Jacklin, presented him with holiday vouchers worth £500.

Melvyn said: “Every year at Menzies Distribution we celebrate those employees who have worked with us for 25 years, but Jim has doubled those records!

“It’s really quite remarkable when you think about it. When Jim started with us in 1962 Harold Macmillan was Prime Minister and Elvis Presley was in the charts.

“Jim’s outstanding loyalty and hard work throughout his career has been very much appreciated by all his colleagues and we are so pleased he is staying on in a part-time role and not leaving us completely.”

Melvyn added: “We hope he enjoys his vouchers and indulges in a well-deserved break with his family.”