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App upgrade sees number of transactions increase by 70 per cent

The number of transactions being made using Menzies Distribution’s smartphone app has increased by more than 70 per cent following an upgrade which allows users to manage magazine orders as well as newspapers. 

The i-Menzies app upgrade was released in mid-August and in the first full week after its launch the number of transactions being made by retailers rose to 9,020. In the first week of August the number of transactions was 5,278. 
An increasing number of retailers are choosing to use the app to manage their accounts predominantly to amend orders and make credit enquiries. 
Customer Jane Williams, who has managed the Tudweiliog Store and Post Office in Gwynedd, North Wales, for 23 years, is among those now using the app for both newspaper and magazine orders. 
She said: “I find the i-Menzies app very convenient to use. My daughter downloaded it for me on my iPad and I have been using it ever since. Previously, I would amend my newspaper and magazine orders by calling the customer service centre, but I had to ask them what I was getting and remember everything they said. Now I can see both orders for myself on my screen which is much easier and faster, and I don’t have to pay for any phone calls.”
She added: “I mainly run the shop on my own, so anything that saves time and money is useful.”