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Menzies Distribution is a future focused business and are pioneers in driving the sustainable transport agenda.

We have the largest 100% electric vehicle (EV) fleet in London, and are expanding this fleet across the rest of the UK. We also have the largest commercial charging infrastructure and operate a vehicle to grid (V2G) programme where we discharge power from vehicles onto the grid at peak times and then charge our vehicles when demand on the grid is low.

Over the past 10 years...


Securing A Sustainable Route To Market

Our Sustainability Strategy

As Menzies Distribution hit its 10 millionth item delivered emission free in 2019, saving a total estimated 2.3 million kg of CO2 compared to standard diesel delivery vehicles, we can demonstrate the positive impact that green delivery has on the supply chain; yielding value not only to the environment but publishers, printers, distributors, retailers and the end consumer alike. Menzies Distribution’s innovative three-fold sustainability strategy encompasses: - Fleet - Recycling & Reuse - Energy

Greening our business

We set out to implement a holistic strategy encompassing fleet, recycling and reuse and energy that guarantees an environmentally sustainable route to market and quantifiably reduces the carbon footprint within the supply chain. We are proud to be able to demonstrate that these values have been engineered across our organisation, benefitting the industry, consumer and environment, as evidenced by our 2.3 million kg CO2 saving, energy reduction of 20% and c. 27k tonnes of materials recycled. The ultimate benefit of ‘greening our business’ is that, in turn, we are able to green other businesses with our market leading blueprint.

Electric start to 2020 as Menzies Distribution expands its zero-emissions fleet

Menzies Distribution is hailing an electric start to 2020 as it unveils expansion of its zero-emissions delivery fleet to more than 120 vehicles.

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