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Retailers: New Customers

New customers get immediate access to our full range of services available online 24 hours each day and can speak to our team of Customer Service advisors.

Postcode Locator

If you are interested in becoming a retailer please enter the first half of your your postcode into the box below to discover which is your local Menzies Distribution branch.


If you'd like to receive supplies of Newspapers and/or Magazines from Menzies Distribution - and you've checked that we serve your area using the Postcode Locator above - download the form here and please post initial applications to:

Menzies Distribution Ltd
Customer Master Data Department
2 Lochside Avenue
EH12 9DJ
United Kingdom

Alternatively you can e-mail your application here.

Your submission will be directed to a member of our team who will subsequently contact you to complete the process. Successful applications will be subject to a £1000 initial deposit (Newspapers only - £600 deposit and Magazines only - £400 deposit), a Minimum Sales Value threshold and a weekly carriage charge which will be discussed upon contact.