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Facts and Figures


  • We serve 25,000 retail customers across the UK and Ireland, delivering 7.4 million copies of newspapers and magazines every day.

  • We make 109,000 deliveries a day.

  • We use 1,756 delivery vehicles which travel a combined 135,000 miles each day.

  • We deliver 3,300 magazines titles and 630 newspaper titles.


Customer Service

  • Our team of 4,500 employees work 24 hours a day, 364 days each year.

  • Our Customer Service Centres receive an average 50,000 calls each week.

  • In 2011 our Customer Services Centres gained CCA accreditation for best practice.

  • Geographically, we serve almost two thirds of Great Britain (64%) - the biggest area covered by one wholesaler.



  • We have one of the highest volume SAP installations in the world.

  • We scan 671 million items every year and 25 million standing order records are loaded daily.

  • Our online service i-Menzies ensures retailers and publishers have 24/7 web access to their accounts.

  • We were the first wholesaler to develop a smart phone app for retailers.



  • In 2015 we reached a milestone of 4 consecutive Carbon Trust Standard accreditations.
  • Distribution achieved a 4.1% absolute reduction in its carbon footprint since the first Carbon Trust certification in 2012 despite a growth in activity since that point. 
  • The vehicle telemetry programme, introduced in 2014, has contributed to a 6% reduction in fuel consumption.